Cruelty Free Fashion

Cruelty free fashion saves lives and the planet.


cruelty free fashion

Cruelty Free Fashion

Wool, leather + fur are the most commonly known animal products used in the fashion industry. Millions of sheep, cows, pigs + goats are brutally slaughtered every year for their skin. It is not a byproduct of the meat industry like so many believe. We are now learning that many skins + furs sourced from China and across Asia are from dogs in conjunction with the horrific + barbaric dog meat industry. Anyone who cares about animals or the environment should become well informed conscious consumers before choosing + purchasing items. Learn more >>

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F O L L O W   M Y   N O T O X   L I F E   O N   I N S T A G R A M


Toxins damage every aspect of our physiological function + play a role in virtually all diseases. They build up in your body over time, overload the system + contribute to inflammation, blood sugar problems, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, low energy, immune challenges + a host of other problems. Research shows that toxins are far more damaging than any other known disease risk factors. Because toxins are found in our foods, personal care products, home building materials, cleaning supplies, furniture, clothing + more, it is impossible to completely eliminate + avoid exposure to them all. For this reason, it is essential to understand the effects toxins have on our body + the environment, learn how to avoid as many as possible + contribute to a movement that will increase their elimination. Toxins also come in the form of toxic thoughts + actions. Choosing to think + act more mindfully + compassionately, taking the feelings of others — people + animals — into consideration, promotes a healthier life experience for all. No matter how small they may seem, your conscious decision to lead a non-toxic, or notox, life makes a world of difference.